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Engineers Report

2018-12-15Israel Reyes

Greetings HCF!

First let me say, I am glad to back. I truly appreciate the warm welcome from all. Since my return, I along with the rest of the staff have been hard at work at straining some things out. So let's get right to it.

• A new VRC pack is now available. This pack features a brand new ASDE-X file for PHNL. Please note, that it is in many ways a true ASDE-X. No labels, or navaids of any type. In addition, we have slightly changed the vector diagram into PHNL. This is an effort to increase separation, and reduce aircraft cluster over ALANA.

• A new VRC pack is now available. This pack features a full rework of the airspace. Please note that as of NOW, Guam Center is BACK! I know that makes many of us very happy. Guam approach remains the same, with a two way split over PGUM and PGUA and up to 16000' MSL. Guam Center now operates with its former 3way split centered over the Nimitz VOR. Please be sure to reference the new positions table.

Positions Table
• We have now updated to HCF Positions Table 1.5. It now includes the respective break down for all active Guam positions.

As always, if you see any errors. Have any questions, comments or concerns; please email me at [email protected] or catch me on TS any time. In case I don't see you, Have a GREAT! Holiday Season.

Ending the year in PARADISE! (FNO)

2018-12-14Israel Reyes


HCF will be hosting its next FNO on 12/28/2018, between the hours of 2359Z-0400Z. Giveaway Prizes sponsored by Carenado, TFDI Designs & Aerosoft. We welcome all pilots to join the FUN. Any controllers who have not done so already, please reach out to Austin Wilkins (DATM) to signup. Keep an eye out for any last minute updates. I expect to have a holiday VRC pack released for the event. It will feature a brand new ASDE-X file for PHNL.

Announcing TFDi Participation at Dec. 28 FNO!

2018-11-21Austin Wilkins

HCF is proud to announce TFDi Design's participation at our FNO: Ending the Year in Paradise!

They have been generous enough to donate to our giveaway. Available from TFDi is:
3x 717
1x VA Starter Package (1-month free hosting and 10% off of SmartCARS 2)
5x 6-month SmartCARS 2 Premium Subscription

In addition to TFDi, we currently have participation from Aerosoft and Carenado! Available are:
2x up-to 30 Euro product of choice (Aerosoft)
1x Product of choice (Carenado)

HCF Airac 1813 Released!

2018-11-21Austin Wilkins


All VRC files for upcoming 1813 have been updated. Since 1813 did not have any procedural changes, this bridges the updates from 1811 to 1812. All changes are contained within the alias file since the VRC diagrams did not have to be updated this time around. Head on over to https://hcfartcc.net/usersc/downloads.php to download.

Added -
HCF Phraseology Helper - Holds, Holds As Published, Equipment Suffixes, and more. See the last section of the alias (PHRASEOLOGY HELPER).

HCF Navaid - Names of VORs. Example: .ITOn results in the following: ::: HILO HAWAII VORDME :::

HCF Departure Info - Info for DPs across HCF (PHNL, PHOG, PHMK, PHLI this release). Example - .beach ::: Climb and maintain 5000 ::: For HNL use .hnlinfo as all the procedures have the same information: ::: Climb and maintain 5000 :::

IAP Commands - Adds a mass .ff for IAP fixes. Currently for HNL only. Simply type the name of the procedure as with the chart, without the ending "c". Example - .hnli8l
A full list of IAP suffixes can be found by typing .iap

Misc. Commands - Easy .center command. .c2 [insert] - .c4 [insert] will do a .center /2 /3 or /4 (works with extra windows only). If using only one main window to control (ie - standard VRC main screen), you must still use .center [insert]

Charts - Charts containing two pages now return a second command with instructions. Example - MKK4 DP from HNL - .mkkc *** Page number required. Add 1 or 2 after the PROC name - MKK1c or MKK2c

Other various phraseology updates to be correct with 7110.65x procedures.

There may be a 2.0 release for 1813 depending on if I find something that must be immediately changed before 1901. Please send any mistakes or bugs with this release to [email protected]

Mahalo and happy controlling!

Austin Wilkins
Deputy Air Traffic Manager
Honolulu Control Facility
VATSIM Network Supervisor
PilotEdge ATCS


Robert Guthy earned their S3 rating!2018-12-16
Robert Guthy earned their S1 rating!2018-12-15
Cole Connelly earned their C1 rating!2018-12-12


HNL CenterOffline
HNL AirportOffline
OGG AirportOffline
ITO AirportOffline


HNL AirportRunway 8L, 8R, 4R
OGG AirportRunway 2, 5
ITO AirportRunway 3, 8
LNY AirportRunway 21
MKK AirportRunway 5, 35
GUM AirportRunway 6L, 6R
UAM AirportRunway 6L, 6R

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