Town Hall Recap

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Dylan Lundberg
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Town Hall Recap

Post by Dylan Lundberg » Fri Nov 30, 2018 6:31 pm


Below is a recap of what was discussed at the town hall meeting yesterday:

- FOG 2.0
- New Activity Requirement starting 01DEC18 - All controllers (home and visiting) are required to control 3 hours per calendar month on an HCF position to remain on the active roster. If you are a visitor from an ARTCC that HCF has a visiting controller agreement in place, you are exempt from this requirement.

- Various edits regarding training structure.
- Various edits for clairification were made.

- Setmore will begin to be phased out. ALL training requests should be emailed to [email protected] in the interim while we work on a viable solution.

Discord vs. Teamspeak

- Based on your responses from the survey, Discord will remain HCFs primary voice communication server. We will reevaluate this in January based on the needs of HCF.

Dylan's Vision

- My vision was stated. To grow and retain facility membership; To improve our training department as a whole (Quality of instruction); Overhaul of training department pending.

Special thank you to everyone who attended the town hall, and all members of HCF for doing what we do on a daily basis - Having fun in paradise!

Events Department

- I opened it up regarding a discussion about the FNO date switch. Our FNO is scheduled for 12/28/2018. Please sign up if you are able to attend!
- Training Events (controller training and pilot training)
- Monthly Events (to be started in January, following our end of year 2018 FNO)

As always, Danny, Austin and I all have open door policies. If you need to reach out to us for any reason, you can reach us at:

Dylan Lundberg - Air Traffic Manager - [email protected]
Austin Wilkins - Deputy Air Traffic Manager - [email protected]
Danny Evans - Events Coordinator - [email protected]

Your training department is only an email away! Please email all training requests to [email protected]

Thank you!
Dylan Lundberg (DL)
Air Traffic Manager
Instructor (I1)
Honolulu Control Facility

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