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AIRAC 1811 Revision 2 Released!

2018-11-01Harry Linsenmayer

Aloha Island Junkies! AIRAC Cycle 1811 Revision 2 has been released!

In the sector file, labeled diagrams for all airports has been completed.

In the Guam Alias, the chart lookup command has been added for all 5 airports in that facility (explained below).

Chart Lookup Command:


.*name of SID/STAR*c

Ex. (JULLE5)


For Approaches:

.*FAA/IATA airport identifier* *approach type (I=ILS, R=RNAV, L=LOC, D=LDA, O=VOR, N=NDB, T=TACAN, G=GPS)* *letter or approach (Y or Z if applies)* *last digit of runway number and letter following*c



Note that I along with the rest of the staff here at HCF have taken all steps necessary to try and stay as close to real-world configurations as possible. If anyone has any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time. I will do my best to have answers for you. I want to thank you all for your continued support of our facility, and I hope to see you on the scopes soon. As usual, feel free to contact me any time.

Harry Linsenmayer - FE

[email protected]


Danny Evans received their Honolulu Delivery/Ground certification!2018-11-10
Danny Evans received their Honolulu Tower certification!2018-11-10
Danny Evans received their Honolulu TRACON certification!2018-11-10


HNL CenterOffline
HNL AirportOffline
OGG AirportOffline
ITO AirportOffline


HNL AirportRunway 8L, 8R, 4R
OGG AirportRunway 20, 23
ITO AirportRunway 8, 26
LNY AirportRunway 3
MKK AirportRunway 5, 35
GUM AirportRunway 6L, 6R
UAM AirportRunway 6L, 6R

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